108Labs Launches its

M2 Magic of Milk Platform,
and announces Pure™ Human Milk, M2Foods™ and M2Health™


Today, 108Labs is building the first milk Cellufacturing® facility.

In 2013, 108Labs pioneered mammary cell agriculture.

In 2019, 108Labs created the first cell cultured milk.

In 2020, 108Labs announced work on Colostrupedics™
whole-human infant formula

In 2021, 108Labs licensed mammary cell derived
drugs & biologicals to
NeutraSiga Therapeutics, Inc

108Labs partnered with NeutraSiga to create personalized antibody therapeutics

108Labs continues R&D to feed and heal with Cellufacturing® innovations

Help us create the future
of food and medicine

108Labs is looking for adventurous scientists to explore cellular agriculture and drug development to create a future where conscious life is not sacrificed for sustenance, Cellufacturing® eliminates the outsized impact of animal agriculture on climate change, and all humans from their first moments to their last are less at risk of losing time to preventable death from infectious disease.

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