108Labs, LLC introduces Colostrupedics™
infant formula

108Labs’ Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula is the first animal-free, pathogen-free, whole-human infant nutraceutical with whole-human secretory antibodies.

Like a briar patch covering mucosal membranes to prevent pathogen invasion, secretory antibodies in Colostrupedics™ whole-human infant formula are safe to consume and may provide broad spectrum passive immunity against gastrointestinal and mucosal pathogens.

isolated and EM imaged, 108Labs' whole-human secretory antibodies - 0.01ug/mL

What does "whole-human" mean for infant formula?

Comprising molecules produced in human cells

Human protein sequences

Human amino acid pattern

Human post-transcriptional RNA modifications

Human post-translational protein modifications

Animal-free cells and culture media

Microbial-free production environment

Non-pasteurized to maximize human bioactivity

THE future

infant formula roadmap

108Labs’ Colostrupedics™ formulations are poised to disrupt the bovine infant formula market for the benefit of all parents and their newborns around the world, with a clarity of purpose to provide all newborns with whole-human formula one day.

108Labs’ is developing Colostrupedics™ infant formulations internally with a focus on in vitro safety and efficacy studies in preparation for infant nutritional studies.

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