108Labs' Mammary Cell Agriculture R&D continues

Since 2013, 108Labs has defined the state of the art for mammary cell agriculture, from concept to proof of scalable production. With successful Cellufacturing® proof of whole-human milk and secretory antibodies in hand, 108Labs continues its mission to feed and heal with Cellufacturing® innovations.

Food Scale Manufacturing

Future of
Food and Medicine

108Labs current R&D focus is scaling mammary cell agriculture from lab scale to food scale with a combination of reagent, hardware and software innovations using continuous monitoring, automation and modular 3d cell culture system designed to enable mammary cell agriculture to grow as fast as needed to feed and heal the world with  nutraceuticals and therapeutics.

108Labs is developing proprietary cell lines and food grade media formulations to reduce the cost of producing mammalian milk and milk antibodies.

R&D with neutrasiga

108Labs and NeutraSiga


The onset of the Covid pandemic coincided with 108Labs’ experimental proof of scalable human milk and antibody biosynthesis delivered March 16th, 2020 by the UC Davis Barile Lab, days before the pandemic lockdown in California. From that moment, 108Labs has never stopped believing mammary cell agriculture can impact health outcomes for everyone at risk of Covid infection.

Since then, 108Labs has pursued partnerships and R&D projects to accelerate development of novel drugs and biologicals including exclusive license of 108Labs’ mammary cell agriculture technology for development of biologicals and drugs in NeutraSiga’s Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics to reduce the impact infectious pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 can inflict on humanity.


108Labs and NeutraSiga Therapeutics are also partnering on development of NeutraSiga’s Cellsimile™ personalized antibody therapeutics, from collaborating on development of proprietary microfluidics systems for efficient handling of donor cells to pre-clinical safety and efficacy studies of Cellsimile™ biologicals.

108Labs' Secretory Antibodies

108Labs’ first secretory IgA isolated from Jan 22, 2020 bioreactor harvest
Imaged at UC Davis Electron Microscopy Core by Fei Guo, PhD
May 27th, 2020, 0.005ug/mL dilution

Secretory Novelty


whole-human Reagents

Whole-human growth factors

108Labs’ is developing whole-human cell lines for food scale production of growth factors critical to mammary cell agriculture.

108Labs’ remains focused on development of novel whole-human cellular agriculture technology to produce animal-free final products with whole-human inputs and whole-human outputs.

Food Grade Media

Development of effective food grade media for mammary cell agriculture is critical to minimize post-processing of mother’s milk molecules and secretory antibodies during productization.

108Labs is working with food grade media researchers to develop food grade media for mammary cell agriculture to achieve commodity cost at food scale.

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