108Labs first autonomous milk Cellufacturing® facility.

To accelerate the field of cell cultured milk from lab to factory, 108Labs is building the world’s first milk Cellufacturing factory in the birthplace of cell cultured human milk, Hillsborough, NC.

Accelerating lab to factory

Unlocking food scale cell cultured milk

108Labs’ autonomous factory design will create and merge state-of-the-art methods in artificial intelligence, cellular agriculture, automated factory systems, modular biomanufacturing, automated bioprocessing, and sterile packaging, all driven by 108Labs’ smart Cellufacturing® software platform.

108Labs factory design enables continuously scalable, automated closed-system production of mammalian milk. With front-to-back Cellufacturing® automation, the 108Labs autonomous milk factory will reduce production costs beyond 99% per ounce compared to lab grown milk.

Poised to reduce cost by 99%