NeutraSiga Therapeutics, Inc

NeutraSiga Therapeutics, Inc is pioneering secretory antibody therapeutics.

NeutraSiga Therapeutics, Inc is developing novel whole-human drugs and biologicals derived from mammary cell agriculture to formulate with neutralizing secretory antibodies into Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics.


Milk-derived antibody platform

NeutraSiga's Antibody Platform Development

NeutraSiga is designing proprietary microfluidics systems for efficient high-throughput selection of antibody-secreting primary cells for use in Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics and Cellsimile™ antibody immune memory transfer service.

NeutraSiga has partnered closely with GenScript to engineer antibody variable site replacement in primary lymphocytes at NeutraSiga’s R&D labs to turn 108Labs’ LLPC niche discovery into NeutraSiga’s Antibody Platform capable of supporting polyclonal production of all the world’s therapeutic antibody sequences knocked into fully human antibodies of all fully human classes, subtypes and even allotypes, all with fully human glycans.

NeutraSiga’s engineered secretory antibodies could become the first FDA-approved consumable antibodies already proven to broadly neutralize mucosal pathogens effectively and safely in millions of newborns daily as a key immunological ingredient in mother’s milk since the dawn of humanity.

By combining the potential of primary immune memory replication with engineered variable site replacement in primary cells, NeutraSiga’s Covid Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics with secretory antibodies will contain a powerful polyclonal formulation of broadly neutralizing SIgA and variant-specific SIgA designed to provide the strongest possible protection against Covid variants when applied to mucosal surfaces through nasal sprays, nebulizers and oral applications.

NeutraSiga's SIgA
is Special

Secretory antibody pioneer

NeutraSiga Beyond 108Labs'

ABOVE: NeutraSiga's whole-human antibody-secreting hybridoma

NeutraSiga Therapeutics whole-human antibody research extends beyond antibodies derived from 108Labs’ mammary cell bioreactors.

NeutraSiga is developing a whole-human antibody platform utilizing whole-human hybridoma, overcoming classic hybridoma cell line fatigue challenges with recombinant variable site replacement to compete on cost and quality for production of therapeutic antibodies.

NeutraSiga prolific antibody-secreting cell lines can produce whole-human IgG, IgM, IgA, as well as multimer and secretory IgM and IgA of all subclasses and allotropes for any monoclonal sequence with human milk sugar glycosylation.

NeutraSiga Therapeutics’ focus on pioneering development of secretory antibodies combined with whole-human IgG and IgM antibodies will enable NeutraSiga to offer the world’s first whole-body therapeutic antibody regime, including blood circulating IgG formulations alongside nebulized mucosal applications and Human Immune Milk™ oral applications that all together provide the first antibody therapeutic applications designed to neutralize pathogens simultaneously in all pathogen niches to reduce the chance  reservoirs of infection can survive in immunocompromised patients.

Discovery R&D


Since early 2020, NeutraSiga Therapeutics has partnered with Twist Biosciences and Covid researchers to study Covid antibodies, screening Twist antibodies with live virus Covid testing and collecting milk from nursing Covid-surviving mothers to study long-lived secretion of Covid antibodies and immune memory cells naturally found in mother’s milk.

NeutraSiga’s Covid Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics development includes broadly neutralizing polyclonal antibody formulations to protect the most vulnerable from mucosal invasion of all SARS-CoV-2 variants.

NeutraSiga’s novel broadly neutralizing secretory antibodies combined with antimicrobial benefits of mother’s milk molecules may provide novel protection against past and future Covid variants.


Covid Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics may lesson the impact of the Covid pandemic by application of broadly neutralizing antibodies against known SARS-CoV-2 variants on mucosal surfaces to improve the health outcomes of persons recently exposed to Covid, such as family members of confirmed positive patients or brave frontline providers and first responders risking their lives to save ours.


Antibody secretion longevity

NeutraSiga is developing the first therapeutic in vitro
LLPC niche

A classic problem in therapeutic antibody production  is the notoriously short ex vivo life of non-modified antibody secreting lymphocytes extracted from tissue and blood. Due to prior lack of development of in vitro LLPC niches capable of supporting long-term secretion of antibodies from a natural primary cell population of memory lymphocytes, recombinant antibody platforms like CHO or HEK dominate production of therapeutic antibodies today.

No prior research group has reported long-lived plasma cell (LLPC) niche function of primary lymphoctyes in a cell culture environment at scale sufficient for therapeutic use, under animal-free and pathogen-free conditions without genetic modification …. until 108Labs may have done so in Jan 2020.

108Labs and NeutraSiga have demonstrated a 10X increase of antibody production from day 50 onward in a 108Labs bioreactor using primary lymphocytes and lactocytes in the 108Labs’ mammary cell bioreactor.

Research continues at NeutraSiga to investigate possible in vitro LLPC niche function that could support long-lived secretion of antibodies from primary lymphocytes for therapeutic use. NeutraSiga Therapeutics is working to engineer and scale and commercialize this incredible discovery by 108Labs in order to explore the potential efficacy and safety benefits of whole-human antibodies with human milk sugar glycans for use in Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics.

Human Immune Milk™ therapeutics with whole-human antibodies has the potential to provide effective passive immunity to mucosal membranes for vulnerable patient populations such as preterm infants, elders or cancer patients who lack effective immune systems to protect themselves from dangerous pathogens.

Novel whole-Human antibodies

NeutraSiga's antibodies are produced more naturally

NeutraSiga’s closer-to-natural human antibody production methods are novel as the world’s first animal-free antibodies produced in a non-recombinant pathogen-free and cytotoxin free environment, resulting in the world’s first food grade antibodies including the world’s first whole-human secretory antibodies produced at therapeutic scale.

The distinction of production environment is important because antibodies lose bioactivity the more they are processed, and the less natural a antibody production environment the more post-processing required and the less biosimilar to natural human antibodies.

Additionally, glycan molecules attached – or removed – from classic less-than-human recombinant antibodies can increase allergen risk or reduce effectiveness compared to whole-human, naturally produced antibodies like 108Labs and NeutraSiga’s human milk antibodies.


108Labs’ Cellsimile™ antibody memory transfer cell therapy service is made possible because of the more natural methods of production invented by 108Labs for production of human secretory antibodies.

For the first time ever, primary lymphocytes from donors can be turned into long-secreting plasma cells in the 108Labs’ LLPC niche created in the patent-pending mammalian milk bioreactor for production of therapeutic scale polyclonal antibodies that replicate a donor’s immune memory.

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